Chelsea Preciado - Candidate for Master of Landscape Architecture, Clemson University


It all started when...

I was a young child seeking out special places in the outdoors. My grandfather has a citrus orchard and commercial beekeeping operation in southern California. My favorite memories of childhood are those where I am at his ranch with either orange juice or honey dribbling down my chin. The energy that motivates me to live a healthy happy life is the same energy I receive from nature.

I believe my calling is sustainable land design. My goal is to work with plants, inspire people to appreciate the outdoors and create healthy habitats through design. In the fall of 2016 I completed a two week long Permaculture Design Course where I received a certification to practice and an eagerness to see what I could create! Thus I started my own design business and it has been an incredible journey, learning and growing with every addition to my portfolio. Each day I'm inspired by the bees and trees of my childhood. I am now studying to be a Master of Landscape Architecture at Clemson University.